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    The curriculum for Penn’s Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation online program helps students explore specialized topics that contribute to innovating around health care delivery, whether from a clinical, administrative, research, or product perspective. Learn not only how to identify and address the challenges around you but also how to shape what’s ahead.

    Course Structure

    Health Care Innovation courses are designed with a similar structure to enhance learning new knowledge, skills, and practices. The primary course activities include:

    • Engaging with content and media — Brief, high-quality video lectures; interview cases; cutting-edge readings; and learning aids, many of them downloadable, are predictably structured in weekly modules for you to study on your own schedule.
    • Interacting with classmates, faculty, and the course team —  During live class meetings and asynchronous class time, you will synthesize knowledge, explore scenarios and cases, identify opportunities for innovation, and network with colleagues.
    • Applying your learning — Practice activities, ongoing projects, and presentations help you hone your ideas, identify stakeholders and decision makers, develop strategies for persuasion and negotiation, and strengthen your arguments in a safe, supportive space.