Course Description

There has been no shortage of recommendations from executives, consultants, and self-declared experts on how to improve health care. But the success rate for implementation has been low, and health care systems still struggle with problems of quality, cost, and access—not to mention high employee turnover and provider burnout. However, across the country, there have been pockets of success in improving care delivery. A number of best practices show promise, including open access scheduling, care coordination and standardization, performance measurement and feedback, the expansion of palliative care, community health worker programs, and access to behavioral care.

Through lectures, case studies presented by multiple expert faculty, and interviews with leaders in the field, you will examine these transformative practices and the leadership techniques that have led to their success, and explore ways to direct change within your organization.

Specific Course Topics
  • Principles of transformation, scheduling, and appointment management
  • Patient interaction, standardization, and electronic health record
  • Palliative care and community health
  • Care delivery for complex patients
  • Quality improvement
  • Implementing the 12 transformational practices

A segment on scheduling in a clinical practice, from Leading Change in Health Care

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Summarize transformational practices in health care, as well as the essential elements necessary to facilitate transformation in a variety of setting. (lectures, readings, multiple discussions)
  • Analyze the role of data in conceiving, piloting, and iterating on an innovation, and implementing transformational change.
  • Assess the root causes of a problem in health care delivery to identify and prioritize opportunities for transformational change in a health care organization.
  • Analyze the implications an array of stakeholders may have on the success or failure of a transformative initiative.