Program Overview

Our Master of Health Care Innovation will expand your perspective of health care, cultivate your network, and empower you to act.

Courses are taught by expert faculty representing several schools across the University of Pennsylvania. Drawing from their wealth of real-world experience, our professors will enhance your knowledge of:

  • Behavioral economics
  • Digital health and AI
  • Health equity
  • Health policy
  • Innovation methodologies and practice
  • Operations management

In our cohort-based online degree program, over 20 months you’ll complete 11 courses, including electives that let you explore subjects such as connected strategy, data and AI, digital health, health economics, law, and quality and value.

months to complete the program
average years of work experience
alumni advanced in their careers

Benefits of the Master of Health Care Innovation

Penn's MHCI online degree program focuses on three indispensable skill areas for transformative work in health care: thinking critically, innovating creatively, and leading effectively.

  • Other benefits of our MHCI online degree program include:

    • Expanding your perspective of health care
    • Developing multidisciplinary foundations for critical, analytic thinking about health care innovations
    • Applying methods to investigate problems and creating, testing, and measuring solutions to improve health care
    • Identifying and fostering collaborations with organizational and community partners to drive better outcomes
    • Thinking and acting beyond entrenched systems, structures, and barriers
    • Sharpening your leadership EQ skills
    • Creating a diverse network for professional support and sucess

Master of Health Care Innovation Network

Connect to professionals across disciplines.

  • When you join our MHCI online degree program, you’ll build connections with professionals from all sectors of health care, including those in:

    • Health systems, hospitals, and home health care

    • Academic medicine

    • Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices

    • Startups and venture capital organizations

    • Health care consulting

    • Finance and technology

    • Federal agencies

    • Nonprofits

  • Cohorts connect through two brief seminars and student-led social events. At the annual MHCI Seminar, about 80 students gather in person, united by a shared vision to improve health care.

    Together, you’ll create a network of innovative thinkers and leaders with diverse perspectives, such as clinicians, entrepreneurs, researchers, business executives, health IT specialists, consultants, and more.

Master of Health Care Innovation Faculty

Learn from faculty who are leaders in improving health care through health policy, behavioral economics, operations, innovation, and health equity.

  • Our online degree program is led by world-renowned faculty. Their teaching draws upon their experience improving health care through behavioral economics insights, equity initiatives, innovation practices, process improvement, and policy reform, among other areas.

    As researchers, consultants, and advisors, our faculty have led efforts to increase access to health care, reduce costs, improve patient health behaviors, help companies become more innovative, and turn ideas into measurable impact. They bring this real-world experience to the online classroom.

  • Faculty in the MHCI online degree program represent various schools across Penn, including:

    • The Perelman School of Medicine

    • Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Transformation and Innovation

    • The Wharton School

    • Penn Carey Law

    • Penn Nursing

    • The Stuart Weitzman School of Design

    • Penn Engineering

Master of Health Care Innovation Degree Structure

Select the 20-month track or choose a 3-year option to spread out the workload and financial commitment over more time.

  • Elevate your career without missing a beat. MHCI courses are primarily asynchronous with weekly deadlines, so you can plan your study time around work and personal obligations.

    Our MHCI was designed as an online degree program from the outset in 2017, and created with the support and structure you need to be successful. Courses are continuously evaluated, and the curriculum was updated in 2023, including a new required course in health equity.

    Classes are condensed into a six-week format, requiring you to invest 12 to 15 hours weekly. The curriculum includes:

    • 6 CORE COURSES: Build your knowledge of foundational concepts.
    • 3 ELECTIVES: Explore additional topics according to your interests.
    • 2 INTENSIVE LABS: Apply lessons and sharpen skills.
    • 2 SEMINARS: Prepare for the schoolyear ahead, immerse yourself in innovative thinking, and connect with your cohort, the program, and Penn during this annual gathering.

  • Our MHCI graduate program is available in two options: the 20-month track or the three-year track, which helps spread the coursework and financial commitment over time.

    The total estimated cost for the full degree program for 2024–2025 is approximately $72,000.


Through our MHCI online degree program, you will learn skills that will help you innovate in your career and improve health care.

Build innovation and leadership skills to face urgent needs and long-term challenges.

Develop a diverse network of innovative thinkers.

Become a stronger contributor and problem solver at your workplace and beyond.