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Welcome to the intersection of online education, innovation, and ethics, where the expertise and evidence of academia joins the impact of the workplace.

Penn Medical Ethics and Health Policy’s Online Education courses are designed for professionals seeking expertise in health care innovation and ethics to inform their own work. Options range from on-demand continuing education or lifelong learning to an intensive, cohort-based master’s degree in Health Care Innovation.

Medical Ethics and Health Policy Online Education Courses

MEHP Online Education translates faculty expertise into high-quality, engaging courses in innovation and ethics.

Our students and alumni apply sharpened skills, deeper knowledge, guided practice, and vibrant connections to their own work in health care.
Our multidisciplinary curriculum, the strength of our faculty, and our student network make us unique.


Our interdisciplinary faculty transform health care by crafting policy, shaping behavioral interventions, improving operations, and driving innovation. They also improve health care innovation by teaching students and professionals like you.

Whether you are learning in the Graduate Certificate or the Master of Health Care Innovation (MHCI) program, you will gain skills and knowledge in multiple facets of innovation and leadership from faculty across the University of Pennsylvania, including the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School.

  • Ezekiel J. Emanuel

    Physicians, nurses, managers, policymakers, consultants, and others are urgently trying to transform the health care system. Through these online educational programs, they will be able to create and implement patient-centric and efficient models of care.

    Ezekiel J. Emanuel Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania
  • Nicolaj Siggelkow, PhD

    From a societal point of view I cannot think of an industry in which connected strategies will have a bigger impact than in health care. The ability to create deeper connections with patients has the potential to create better outcomes and higher efficiency.

    Nicolaj Siggelkow David M. Knott Professor of Management, The Wharton School
  • Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD

    Students in this program will get a rigorous foundation in a number of disciplines central to understanding how to innovate and to do so in a way that is measurable and impactful.

    Kevin G. Volpp Director, Penn Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE)
  • Kate Liebelt

    Innovation is everyone’s responsibility, and the health care industry presents so many opportunities to problem solve. Students, early professionals, middle managers, and seasoned executives have unique perspectives, experiences, and skills to bring to the innovation table. 


    Kate Liebelt Executive Director and Chief of Staff to the Head of R&D, Organon

Enjoy Flexibility in Our Medical Ethics and Health Policy Online Programs

To help innovators like you grow, we offer various convenient online programs. Our MOOC and continuing education courses can be taken for free, on demand.
If you want to earn a Graduate Certificate or Master of Health Care Innovation (MHCI), continue working while you complete courses. Balance coursework with your personal and professional life.

MEHP Online Outcomes

Most of our MHCI students are full-time working professionals. With the skills, confidence, and credibility they gain in our online education courses, many obtain new jobs or acquire special responsibilities related to innovation. In fact, over 50 percent of our alumni report advancement in their careers.

MOOCs will help you expand your professional expertise, and continuing education courses may be eligible for continuing education credit toward your professional license.

Find the Right Online Education Program for You

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