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    Have a question about the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation? See below for answers to frequently asked Graduate Certificate questions. And don’t hesitate to contact us to answer your own questions or discuss your interest: email the Program Manager at  MEHPonline@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

    Who can enroll in courses for the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation?

    The Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation is open only to current Penn faculty members, staff members and students who are already enrolled in Penn graduate/professional programs.

    How can I earn the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation?

    Students earn a Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation by successfully completing 4 courses within 2 years. Courses are offered annually. Students who do not wish to earn the certificate may take one or more courses at their own pace.

    Can I take one course by itself?

    Yes, you may take 1 or more courses at your own pace, or successfully complete 4 courses within 2 years to earn the certificate.


    How do I sign up?

    Sign up by completing the online enrollment form. The Program Manager will contact you shortly after receiving the form to register you for courses. You may sign up any time throughout the year, and courses may be taken in any sequence. A course schedule is available online.

    How much time will I spend on coursework?

    Courses are typically 6 weeks long. Students spend about 12-15 hours/week on coursework. This includes time both in and outside of class: reading articles, working on assignments, taking quizzes, watching lecture videos, etc.

    Will there be required sessions at specific times?

    There will be a weekly interactive session with the faculty member, some of which will be live one-hour videoconferences scheduled at a specific time. The schedule for live video sessions will be distributed ahead of time, and recordings of these sessions will be made available. Otherwise, class materials (lecture videos, readings, etc.) are available on-demand within the course start and end dates.

    What if I can’t make it to a live video session?

    All live ("synchronous") sessions are recorded for later viewing. You should make every effort to attend the live session, but if you can’t, you can watch the recording. Be sure to answer the survey question at the end of the recording to get attendance credit for the session.

    Can I use my tuition benefits towards these courses?

    Eligible employees may use tuition benefits toward these courses. The Human Resources website provides more information on tuition benefits for University employees. Health system employees should consult their HR representative for more information.

    I have a question about the course material or an assignment. Who should I contact?

    The Course Assistants are the first line of support when it comes to course material and assignments. Their names and email addresses are listed near the top of the course’s Home page in Canvas. If you are having technical issues within the course itself, please contact MEHPhelp@pennmedicine.upenn.edu. Other questions can be directed to a Program Manager at MEHPonline@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

    Can credits earned in the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation be counted toward the Master of Health Care Innovation?

    Yes. Credits earned in the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation may be counted toward the Master of Health Care Innovation, if the credits were earned no more than 4 years prior to matriculating into the master's program. Some exceptions may apply.