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    From Burnout to Breakthrough: Reimagine Your Health Care Career with a Master of Health Care Innovation

    If you work as a nurse, you serve a vital role in the health care system.

    Although you may love your current job, you may feel burnout from the demanding nature of your work. You may want to feel more valued or want a more manageable workload and safer work environment.

    Maybe you’ve been dreaming about getting more out of your health care career: more control, better work-life balance, and the opportunity for personal growth. Perhaps you’re in a later stage of your career and are eager to tap your experience to push health care forward.

    If you have been working in a clinical role and are considering a nursing transition or supplementing your skillset to shape new opportunities within health care delivery, you may want to consider a Master of Health Care Innovation degree.  

    You’ve Decided on a Nursing Transition to Health Care Innovation: What Now?

    If you are ready to begin a new chapter in life, health care innovation can offer the skills to stand out as you are transitioning from nursing. Reasons to consider an online master’s degree in health care innovation include:

    • Continue to make a difference in people's lives. As a health care innovator, you can develop new solutions that can improve care, access, and affordability for people in your community or around the world. By bringing your nursing background to the table, you would offer insights that can have a direct and positive impact on people's health and well-being.

    • Work at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry. As a nurse, you know that the health care industry is constantly evolving, driven by policy updates, new technologies, scientific discoveries, and changing patient expectations. Health care innovation skills will help you be at the forefront of this change, working to develop solutions to pressing health care challenges.

    • Join a diverse and collaborative community. Diversity of thought—discovered with collaborators who have a wide range of expertise and perspectives—is essential for the development of innovative solutions. It can also contribute to a stimulating and rewarding work environment. Insights from nursing are a valuable part of innovation work.

    • Be part of a mission to improve health care. At the heart of health care innovation is a passion to make health care more accessible, affordable, effective, and equitable. This shared mission can be a source of great inspiration and motivation.

    Curious how you can make a difference? Read how one nurse uses her MHCI degree to elevate her voice and advocate for high-risk patients.

    See how another MHCI alumna redefined her nursing career by pivoting into a COO role after graduation.

    Why a Master of Health Care Innovation at Penn?

    Excited about making positive change in the health care industry? You can read about the experience that nurse Hannah W. Berns (’22)  had in our program?

    In brief, these five reasons could make our Master of Health Care Innovation program the perfect place for you to begin a new career path:

    1. A Rich, Interdisciplinary Cohort. The individuals who join you in our program may be physicians, executives, directors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and consultants from the public and private sector. This will allow you to explore multiple perspectives on how to solve problems, as well as inform their thinking.

    2. World-Renowned Faculty. Your faculty will include individuals like Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who is a leading advisor on policy and ethics in the U.S. and globally, and Dr. Kevin Volpp, who is leading the American Heart Association’s Food as Medicine initiative. Not only are they faculty experts, they are also passionate about teaching.

    3. The Penn Network. Members of the Penn network generally—and the Master of Health Care Innovation network specifically—support each other. You could find your next job or project collaborator through these individuals.

    4. Launch a Health Care Career Outside of Nursing. You will gain the skills you need to move beyond your current career and transition into a leadership or innovation-oriented position. The skills you gain could also help you shape a new role within health care delivery.

    5. Flexibility. Our online master’s degree program allows you to plan your studies around your busy professional and personal schedule.

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