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    A Diverse Cohort of Health Care Professionals

    The inaugural Master of Health Care Innovation cohort graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. Each year the network becomes larger and stronger, as students and alumni connect across cohorts to collaborate, socialize, and support each other as innovative thinkers and leaders, as well as friends. By 2022, there were nearly 100 alumni and about 80 current students.

    MHCI Network

    Alumni remain highly engaged with the MHCI. Their activities include:


    • Participating in and facilitating sessions  during the annual Seminar and reunions 
    • Presenting during Virtual Info Sessions for prospective students 
    • Serving as course assistants and alumni tutors for MHCI courses 
    • Serving on the MHCI Admissions and Curriculum Committees
    • Interviewing MHCI applicants
    • Keeping up-to-date on program news with a quarterly newsletter
    • Connecting on the alumni LinkedIn group
    • Founding, leading, and contributing to the Society for HealthCare Innovation 
    • Acting as alumni ambassadors for the program
    Who Are Our Alumni?

    A snapshot of the first five student cohorts shows what a diverse network the program has forged in a short time.

    Average student age when entering the program: 40, but students ages range from late 20s to late 60s

    Geography: 25 US states and 6 countries

    The MHCI students and alumni share perspectives and connect across their various roles in health care, such as:

    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Executives
    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Researchers
    • Analysts and specialists

    The MHCI network reaches across sectors of health care, including

    • Health systems, hospitals, and home health care

    • Academic medicine

    • Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices

    • Federal agencies and related organizations

    • Payers

    • Startups and venture capital

    • Health care consulting

    • Finance and technology

    • Nonprofits

    Graduates of Penn’s MHCI program have become more innovative thinkers and leaders, whether in their current roles, in shaping new positions for themselves, or in advancing to different employers.

    What Are MHCI Alumni Prepared to Do?

    Penn MHCI alumni are prepared to improve health care and lead transformation in diverse ways, including:

    • Shaping health policy development and human behavior in health care.
    • Competing for higher-level jobs with sharpened skills in policy analysis, evidence building, and decision making. 
    • Drawing upon a global network of innovative thinkers as they improve the processes of care and increase value of health care services.

    Penn MHCI students consistently state that through the program, they acquired knowledge and skills not obtained in medical school or business school, or even on the job.

    Alumni Benefits

    Upon graduation, MHCI students attain alumni status of the University of Pennsylvania, becoming part of the tradition of a university that was founded in 1740.  

    Penn Alumni enjoy access to benefits such as QuakerNet (Penn’s networking platform for alumni from across all Penn schools), career services platforms, select library resources, continuing education opportunities, and more.