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    MHCI Student Voices

    MHCI cohorts come together from diverse backgrounds across the health care spectrum with a common passion to improve health care; they are united by their similarities. Students and alumni are eager to share the experience and impact the degree has on their daily work and careers. They are change agents, thanks in part to course activities that translate into workplace outcomes, and connections that lead to broader perspectives.

    Student and Alumni Video Snippets

    Hear from students and alumni as they share the impact the MHCI has had on their work and careers. And, how they have optimized their learnings from the programs, strategies for success.

    March 2024: https://vimeo.com/925859367

    • Paul Cameron (class of '23)–Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, Division of Critical Care, Western University
      Paul remarked on how the program provided valuable insights into business and management perspectives that were previously unfamiliar to him, as a front-line clinician. It also helped him better understand potential sources of friction that could hinder a proposal.

    • Lisa George (class of '24)–Master Improvement Advisor, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System
      Lisa reflected on how timely the courses were, especially Using Data for Transformation. The course concepts were a critical part of her conversations with her clinical colleagues. The closure of her safety net hospital's intensive care unit prompted consideration of predictive algorithms to identify patients requiring higher levels of care.

    March 2024: Paul Cameron (class of '23) and Lisa George (class of '24)

    January 2024: https://vimeo.com/905365306 

    • Miki Crane (class of '24)–Primary Care Medical Director, SCAN
      Miki remarked on the program's equity focus and how each course has had immediate practical application in her primary care practice.

    • Thompson Vou (class of '24)–Senior Product Manager of Digital Health, Vapotherm
      Thompson reflected on how the MHCI network has helped him approach workplace projects with diverse perspectives in mind, by tapping into the expertise of his cohort.

    January 2024: Miki Crane (class of '24) and Thompson Vou (class of '24)

    November 2023: https://vimeo.com/885265919 

    • Mouli Chakravarty (class of '24), Director - Consumer and Business Insights, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, remarked how the program provided her a litany of new perspectives, allowed her to be at the forefront of the field, and improved her confidence as a leader.

    • Colleen Christian (class of '23), Physician/Surgeon, Ophthalmic Associates, reflected how the MHCI helped her learn how to impact decisions in clinical care  so she can improve the patient experience, as well as enhancing her pitching and presentation skills.

    November 2023: Mouli Chakravarty (class of '24) and Colleen Christian (class of '23)

    March 2023: https://vimeo.com/810581754

    • Lindsay O'Neil (class of '23), Director, Clinical Care Transformation, MedStar Health, gained operational tools leading to improved and innovative workflows.
    • Payal Srinivasa (class of '22), Director, OBGYN, Fenway Health, reflected how health equity was incorporated into every course, allowing her to apply lessons learned as she started a new role

    March 2023: Lindsay O'Neil (class of '23) and Payal Srinivasa (class of '22)

    January 2023:  https://vimeo.com/791884143

    • Linda Montgomery (class of '22), Healthcare Director, learned how to "connect the dots" for her various clients, which allowed her to make a difference.
    • Blake Tobias (class of '23), Practice Manager, Penn Transplant Institute, Hepatology and Nephrology, University of Pennsylvania Health System gained enhanced tools for innovation so he can help more people and advance on his health care leadership journey.

    January 2023: Linda Montgomery (class of '22) and Blake Tobias (class of '23)

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