Sarah Rottenberg, MA

Executive Director, Integrated Product Design Programs

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design

Sarah Rottenberg, MA, leads and teaches in the Integrated Product Design Program, a master's program that bridges design, business, and engineering. Sarah specializes in bringing people together to design products and experiences that are desirable, meaningful, feasible, and viable. She is adept at articulating design processes and methods, teaching design thinking and design process to students across the university and for Wharton Executive Education. Sarah has worked extensively in health care as a consultant, advisor, and team mentor on projects as diverse as improving care for women undergoing miscarriages to helping hospital operations teams mitigate physician burnout.

Sarah is co-founder of Lia Diagnostics, a company that has developed a flushable pregnancy test—a sustainable product that puts women in control of their own experience. Sarah speaks and writes about design processes and about how to incorporate design thinking tools and practices into entrepreneurship and organizational innovation. Sarah began her career as a design strategist at Doblin, Inc., and was a Directing Associate at Jump Associates. She has an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and a BS from Georgetown University.