Course Description

In this 6-week lab, students will practice applying skills and knowledge they have gained in the first half of the MHCI, as well as their own professional expertise, to address an exigent health care challenge defined by a leader in the field. In groups, students will be assigned a clinical or non-clinical challenge to work on. And guided by lab facilitators, they will: 

  • Investigate the challenge, its context, previous attempts to address it, and analogues in other areas and fields. 

  • Identify areas that offer opportunities for transformative change.

  • Review knowledge from coursework that is relevant to addressing the problem. 

  • Brainstorm, analyze, and critique potential solutions to the challenge 

Key Course Units
  • Investigate and ideate
  • Build your proposal
Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Collaborate effectively with a group of colleagues to analyze and ideate around an exigent health care challenge. 

  • Apply knowledge from MHCI coursework to address that challenge. 

  • Identify and specify opportunities for positive change within the broader challenge. 

  • Develop an evidence-based intervention and justify why it will work to address the challenge. 

  • Design proposals for an innovation-oriented project that are targeted for specific audiences. 

  • an annotated bibliography

  • a breakdown of potential opportunities

  • a menu of possible solutions

  • a project statement

  • a one-pager

  • project prospectus