Aimee Ando, DO, MHCI, began the Master of Health Care Innovation program as a Family Medicine physician within Penn Primary Care. During her studies, she advanced to a new position, Associate Medical Director of Practice Transformation and Director of Diversity and Health Equity of Penn Primary Care. She now travels to practices within the health system to get the perspective from different offices and see where progress can be made in delivering even better care. 

What have you taken away from the program that you think is most valuable to your work? 

“The biggest takeaway for me has been that making change is something that is really hard, takes time, yet is worthwhile and, in fact, critical to pursue. Learning alongside colleagues in various specialties and fields in medicine who share the same ethos and commitment to innovation has been invaluable to maintaining the resilience, sense of humor, and tenacity needed to continue to show up fully to the work each day. The relationships that I have made with my fellow classmates as well as learning from faculty that are best-in-class in their respective fields have already provided an immeasurable return on the investments I have made in these last two years.”

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