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    See below for answers to frequently asked questions about the Professional Development courses in Health Care Innovation.

    If you have additional questions, please contact the Program Manager at MEHPonline@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

    How can I earn a Professional Development Certificate in Health Care Innovation?

    Learners may earn a Professional Development Certificate in Health Care Innovation by successfully completing 4 courses within 1 year. Learners who do not wish to earn the certificate may take 1 or more courses at their own pace.

    Can I take one course by itself?

    Yes, you may take 1 or more courses at your own pace, or successfully complete 4 courses within 1 year to earn the certificate.

    Do professional development courses count toward the master’s program?

    No. The professional development courses do not confer academic course credits. They are designed to be practical training for working professionals who will apply tools and concepts immediately in their daily work. As noncredit courses, they are less time-intensive and less costly than credit-bearing courses.

    How much do professional development courses cost?

    These 4-week courses cost $1,000 each. You may register for courses one at a time or receive a bulk discount if you pre-pay for 4 (or more) courses in a single transaction. The pre-pay discount is 5% off your purchase and is nonrefundable. For more details, see Fees & Policies.

    Will there be required sessions at specific times and dates?

    Courses have specific start and end dates, but there are no scheduled meeting times. Deadlines are provided to help keep you on track, and all work should be done by the course's end date. Courses include asynchronous interactive sessions with the instructional team.

    How much time will I spend working on this?

    Each course is 4 weeks long. Learners typically spend 8 hours per week, at their convenience, on coursework. The program is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of full-time working professionals. Please note that some planning is required to keep pace with class discussions.