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    Professional Development online courses from Penn’s Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy are noncredit, graded as pass/not pass. They are designed for a moderate commitment by learners to deepen their knowledgebase and sharpen their skillset. Policies for refunds, grading, and disability are established to promote learner success in courses. University of Pennsylvania policies on academic honesty, privacy, and use of electronic resources also apply to noncredit learners.


    Professional Development health care innovation 4-week courses cost $1,000 each.

    If you successfully complete 4 courses in 1 year, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate in Health Care Innovation. At the time of registration, you will be asked to pay in full using a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).

    Refund Policy

    Refunds for full-price course enrollments are available as described in the table below. Please note that course weeks run Tuesday through Monday.

    End of week 1 100%
    End of week 2 50%
    After week 2 None


    Contact the Program Manager at MEHPonline@pennmedicine.upenn.edu if you need to withdraw from a course. Learners who have paid in advance may be able to transfer their enrollment to another Professional Development course within the same academic year.

    Earning a Certificate

    Learners are welcome to take one or more individual Professional Development courses. To earn a Professional Development Certificate in Health Care Innovation, you must successfully complete 4 courses within 1 year. This is a certificate of completion; professional development courses in health care innovation do not confer academic course credits. Thus, Professional Development Certificate courses cannot be counted toward the Master of Health Care Innovation degree

    Academic Honesty

    We all learn through discussions with our colleagues and fellow learners. However, the work you submit for this course—the quizzes and exercises—must be your work and your work alone. Any plagiarism or other form of cheating will be dealt with severely under the procedures of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Grading and Course Policies

    The final grade for Professional Development courses is pass / not pass. Most exercises are graded by a course assistant using rubrics. Some activities use an assessment scale of highly skilled—skilled—needs development. To pass a Professional Development course, you must receive a minimum rating of "skilled" or "complete" for (a) a designated number of course activities and (b) all final deliverables as listed on the front page of the course.

    Deadlines for coursework are listed in the course site, along with a detailed policy. Deadline extensions may be granted within reason if requested before the assignment’s due date, at the course assistant's discretion. We are only able to extend due dates until the Friday after the course ends.

    Coursework must be completed with a passing grade for the course to count toward a Professional Development Certificate. If you do not think you will be able to complete your work within that time frame, please email Program Manager Caitlin O’Neill before the course ends.

    Disability Statement

    If you need reasonable accommodations for disabilities, please contact the Course Assistants as soon as possible in order to discuss your accommodations and your needs. All services are confidential.

    University of Pennsylvania Policies

    The University of Pennsylvania provides access to services and information online in a manner that respects and protects users’ privacy. Read details on the information-collection practices and how personal information is used and protected.

    Please read Penn’s Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources. By using University electronic information systems, you assume personal responsibility for their appropriate use and agree to comply with this policy and other applicable University policies, as well as City, State and Federal laws and regulations, as detailed within the policy.


    If you have additional questions, please contact Caitlin O'Neill, Program Manager for Online Educational Initiatives, at 215-746-3971 or MEHPonline@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.