To become an innovative health care professional, you need not only to gain knowledge but also to practice applying new ways of thinking and doing within a health care context. Intensive lab courses offer you that opportunity, even beyond the rich interactions and practical assignments of core and elective courses.

In the 2 labs during the Master of Health Care Innovation, you will:

  • Gain deeper learning through application of concepts and practices from core courses.
  • Practice innovation while contributing to a portfolio that includes a pitch, a 1-page proposal for an innovation project, and a project charter.
  • Study under specially selected professionals who draw upon their own experience within today's health care environment when guiding and providing feedback on your work.

Addressing Challenges Lab

Integrate skills and knowledge acquired during the first half of the program—related to health policy, operations management, behavioral economics, and health equity—in order to address exigent challenges in health care.

Lab activities include:

  • Workshopping your ideas with a small group of students
  • Investigating a challenge
  • Synthesizing and applying knowledge from multiple courses
  • Generating persuasive proposals for various audiences.

Deliverables include 1) a proposal to address the challenge and 2) persuasive documents calibrated to gain support among colleagues and decision makers.

Addressing Challenges runs for 6 weeks total, with built-in time off:

  • 4 weeks of class during the Summer semester
  • A break of about 2 weeks to allow for rest, rumination, and Seminar
  • 2 weeks of class in the Fall semester.

Students on the extended track will take Addressing Challenges in their second year.

Pitching Innovation Lab

Building on the skills you practiced in Addressing Challenges, you will work on creating a robust proposal that is more nearly ready to pitch outside the program. Lab activities begin with choosing a problem in your professional setting. Then apply innovation methods to investigate and refine the problem, craft a solution, align it with organizational values and stakeholder interests, build a business case, and pitch your project to leadership or investors. Throughout the process, the instructor and course team provide feedback to guide your work.

Pitching Innovation is the final course of the program and runs for 8 consecutive weeks.

Labs offered for students who started in Fall 2021

  • Applying Operations Management (0.5 CU)
  • Applying Behavioral Economics (0.5 CU)
  • Pitching Innovation (0.5 CU)
  • Building a Case for Transformation (0.5 CU)