To become an innovative health care professional, you need not only to gain knowledge but also to practice applying new ways of thinking and doing within a health care context. Online lab courses offer you that opportunity, even beyond the rich interactions and practical assignments of core and elective courses.

Across 4 labs that span the Master of Health Care Innovation, you will:

  • Gain deeper learning through application of concepts and practices from lecture-based core courses.
  • Practice innovation while building a portfolio that includes a pitch and 1-page proposal for an innovation project.

Labs relate to core courses, whose faculty design and develop the content. To add another dimension of practical experience to labs, they are delivered by select health care professionals; they draw upon the context of today's health care environment when providing feedback on your work.

Lab courses run for 4 weeks, either overlapping or immediately following the related core course. They are worth 0.5CU each.

Applying Behavioral Economics

Analyze a case, define a behavioral economics intervention, sketch a behavioral roadmap, and write a proposal for the intervention.

Related core course: Behavioral Economics and Decision Making, taught by Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD

Applying Operations Management

Analyze 2 health care cases; through the process of forecasting, build a KPI tree; and recommend process improvements.

Related core course: Health Care Operations, taught by Christian Terwiesch, PhD

Pitching Innovation

Identify, investigate, and refine an innovation project to meet a need in your professional context. Develop and deliver a pitch to achieve stakeholder buy-in.

Related core course: Translating Ideas into Outcomes, taught by David Asch, MD, MBA, and Roy Rosin, MBA

Building a Case for Transformation

Develop a plan to refine and test your innovation project, and to identify resources, collaborators, and champions within your organization. Develop a proposal for a pilot.

Related core course: Leading Change in Health Care, taught by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, and other experts