Course Description

What does effective health care leadership require? What changes during a crisis? The Wharton School’s Mike Useem brings leadership insight to health care as he introduces essential qualities and practices of leadership via brief lecture videos. This course includes guest interviews with Penn Medicine leaders Regina S. Cunningham, PhD, RN, the CEO of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. John Kelly, professor of orthopaedic surgery and practicing surgeon. You will discover and explore through discussions with other professionals and course exercises how you might create organizational direction, set strategy, address demotivation and inequity, and achieve goals.

Specific course topics include:

  • communication and decision making

  • leading through crisis

  • designing effective reward systems to motivate individuals and teams

  • building a high-performance organization to deliver high-quality patient care

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What You Will Learn and Do

This course is designed to help you address questions such as:

  • What qualities do exemplary leaders share and how do they relate to health care?
  • How do I build and strengthen teams?
  • What types of reward systems motivate individuals and teams?
  • How do I lead through crisis?
  • How can my organization nurture high performance?

You will also create a personalized leadership schema and begin applying your learning in your work and community.

Who Takes This Course

Current leaders in hospitals, health centers, medical practices, agencies, and other groups who seek the skills for leading organizational development and change. Sharpen your leadership thinking when you apply course concepts within your professional life.

Managers and individuals who aspire to contribute in a leadership capacity, either in their current role or future positions. Synthesize lessons from cases as you develop your own leadership tools.

LECTURE VIDEO SAMPLE: A preview of the course Health Care Leadership by Mike Useem, PhD.

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