Course Description

How do you turn your great health care idea into reality—with limited time and resources? In a series of brief lecture videos, Penn Medicine’s Chief Innovation Officer Roy Rosin leads you through innovation methodologies rooted in design thinking, drawn from various industries. Learn how to collaboratively identify problems in health care and to test your solutions rapidly, on a low budget to bring about change. Class discussions and exercises help you sharpen tools and strategies for innovative thinking, iterative development, and pitching your ideas today.

Specific course topics include:

  • discovering what others have missed

  • reframing problems to reveal high-impact solutions

  • practicing intentional divergence to help teams move on from less productive concepts

  • using rapid hypothesis validation to learn quickly and at low cost

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What You Will Learn and Do

This course is designed to help you address questions such as:

  • How can we rethink health care operations and patient outcomes to improve how we deliver care?
  • How can we identify and reframe persistent problems to facilitate innovative solutions?
  • How do I spark creative thinking and structure it toward achieving change?
  • How do we test our ideas and assumptions at low cost and high value?

Course Delivery and Structure

Expect to watch brief videos, read provided articles, interact with classmates in written discussions, apply course concepts and practice skills through exercises, and prepare a final deliverable.

Plan to spend 6–8 hours per week on coursework. Course weeks run Tuesday through Monday and coursework is asynchronous (there are no live sessions). The course is organized to build your skills each week culminating in your final project deliverables. To be successful in this course, actively engage with ideas presented to you in the course each week, and with those offered by your classmates.

Who Takes This Course

Physicians, nurses, administrators, and payers who recognize the need for change in health care delivery and want to engage in creating effective solutions. Practice innovative thinking, testing your ideas, and pitching your proposal.

Digital health teams and entrepreneurs who are eager to spark changes that make health care more efficient and less costly for providers and patients alike. Use class projects as a springboard for developing an innovation project at work.

Inclusive Design and Co-Design video segment from the course, Foundations of Health Care Innovation.

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